Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche Stupa Project at Tashi Chöling

Letter From Sangye Khandro

Dear worldwide sangha community, friends, and associates of the Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche,

We have all been deeply touched in many ways by Gyatrul Rinpoche’s precious presence during his life, living here among us on this planet—our temporary home. Rinpoche lived a very long life of ninety-eight years from 1925-2023, continuously blessing us with his nirmanakaya form as an authentic tulku (or intentional reincarnate). Rinpoche’s enlightened deeds remain accessible to us through many expressions and representations including videos and recordings of teachings and dharma activities as well as many reliquary monuments and sacred structures that Rinpoche bestowed upon us. Most important is the impression Rinpoche made on the minds of everyone he touched, always planting seeds of goodness that will continue to sprout and mature for centuries to come.

Now it is our responsibility to honor our precious master from Tibet who graced America and made this country his home by erecting a magnificent stupa in his memory and honor. We understand based on indications from our teachers who are alive, as well as from Rinpoche himself, that there is no time to waste in building this as an offering and expression of devotion and gratitude as well as giving everyone the chance to earn vast merit and purify karmic obscurations and shortcomings.

We have an opportunity now to connect with this level of great good fortune, and we sincerely hope that everyone will recognize the opportunity to generate merit and join together as one worldwide sangha community to help Tashi Choling accomplish the noble goal of building a stupa to last many, many generations.

~ Sangye Khandro